When aging signs start to affect your appearance, it is time to look for solutions. Aging can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven tone or texture. This is because as we age, we stop producing as much collagen and elastin, plus cell turnover declines. By turning to skin rejuvenation treatments, you can improve the health and look of your skin to continue looking young. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is a popular method of skin rejuvenation offered here at Resplendence MedSpa.

What is IPL?

IPL is a therapy that is non-ablative and non-invasive. The treatment emits intense, pulses of light onto a targeted area to treat skin conditions. This therapy is gentle and does not damage the surrounding skin. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the skin and hemoglobin in the blood vessels. These two structures become damaged from the light and are absorbed by the body. This leads to an improved appearance of the skin.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL is not a laser resurfacing treatment. Although it is similar, it uses different mechanisms than laser treatments. IPL treatment delivers multiple wavelengths to the skin in order to target various conditions. The light emitted by the IPL device can be adjusted and controlled depending on your specific goals and skin conditions. The light energy is absorbed into the targeted area and turned into heat energy, this energy damages the blood vessels and breaks up pigments. These are then carried away by the body’s lymphatic system. As a result, there is an overall improved skin tone.

What Can IPL Treat?

The Intense Pulsed Light therapy can treat various skin concerns, such as:

At Resplendence MedSpa, our team can customize this treatment for your specific needs, conditions, and goals. This is done to achieve optimal results.

Treatment Summary

For your IPL treatment, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area to help manage discomfort. You will wear protective goggles during the treatment. The skin will be cleansed and then the treatment will begin. The device is passed over the skin. The length of treatment and intensity will vary depending on your custom desires and skin condition.

What Can I Expect From IPL?

After the IPL session, the skin will be sensitive. You may notice some minor redness and swelling. Most side effects resolve within a week of the treatment. It is important to avoid direct sunlight while the skin heals as well as making sure to keep the skin hydrated.

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