Genetics play a major role in determining your physique, including the fullness, shape, and firmness of your buttocks. With innovative cosmetic procedures like the Brazilian butt lift, you can improve the look of your backside. At Resplendence MedSpa in Beverly Hills, California, Majid Sabour, MD, and the aesthetic team want nothing more than for you to look and feel your best. To improve body shape, they perform the Brazilian butt lift. To schedule a consultation at the Los Angeles office, call or book online today.

What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a type of buttock augmentation. In essence, the procedure does for the butt what breast augmentation does for the breasts.

What makes the Brazilian butt lift different is that it doesn’t use synthetic implants, saline solution, or silicone to change the shape of your butt. Instead, the team at Resplendence MedSpa enhances your backside using fat from other parts of your body.

When using your own body fat to enhance your features, you’re less likely to have an adverse reaction.

How does the Brazilian butt lift work?

The team at Resplendence MedSpa performs the Brazilian butt lift as an outpatient procedure. The surgery takes about three hours. The cosmetic experts at Resplendence MedSpa perform the Brazillian butt lift using local anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort.

During a Brazilian butt lift, your provider draws fat from other areas of your body using a form of tumescent liposuction, or tumescent liposculpture. Your provider may take fat from your lower back, hips, thighs, or abdomen.

Your fat is processed and washed and then drawn into advanced injection syringes. Your provider injects the fat deep into your buttocks, creating a rounder, fuller, and sexier backside.

What happens after a Brazilian butt lift?

After the procedure, your provider sends you to the recovery area for monitoring and then discharges you home. Because of the nature of the procedure, you need to modify your usual activities.

The cosmetic experts at Resplendence MedSpa provide specific instructions to minimize pain and optimize results, which include not sitting or lying on your backside for about two weeks following the augmentation procedure.

You should be able to resume light physical activity within a week and return to work within two weeks.

Am I a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift?

When you visit Resplendence MedSpa for a Brazilian butt lift consultation, the team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to fully understand your aesthetic concerns. They may consider you a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift if:

  • You’re unhappy about the size and shape of your butt
  • You don’t want implants
  • You’re in good overall health
  • You have an adequate amount of fat
  • You’re willing and able to modify your activity for two weeks

If you’re looking to bring balance to your figure by enhancing your butt, the Brazilian butt lift may be the procedure for you. Call Resplendence MedSpa or request a consultation online today.