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      Frown Lines Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

      Frown Lines Treatment Los Angeles

      Even when you feel fine, frown lines can give the impression you’re angry or stressed. That’s because they can cause the brow to look heavy and aged, creating expressions you don’t mean to. Fortunately, there are many effective non-surgical options available at our Beverly Hills office.

      What Causes Frown Lines?

      Frown lines can be caused by a combination of facial movements over time as well as volume loss as the aging process occurs. Together, these can cause folds, creases, and sagging in the brow area. These are commonly called frown lines.

      What are My Options for Frown Lines?

      We offer a wide selection of frown line treatments at our Beverly Hills office. Read more about our options:

      Botox® and Xeomin®

      Botox® and Xeomin® are injectable options that work by relaxing tension carried by muscles in the brow while also blocking movement signals from the brain. The result is a reduction in the appearance of frown lines and formation of further wrinkles.

      Chemical Peels

      Chemical peels can be an excellent way to address deep wrinkles and folds with more aggressive treatments. These treatments use concentrated active ingredients to exfoliate the skin and reveal a youthful, smooth layer of skin.

      RF Microneedling

      RF microneedling can both generate new collagen and tighten the skin to address sagging that causes the appearance of frown lines. With regular treatments, many patients see drastic improvement in the appearance of their skin.

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