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With a constant rotating selection of fad diets and weight loss programs, it’s easy to feel like nothing works. That’s because many common options focus on what you eat rather than how you eat. One increasingly popular and effective weight loss method is extended or intermittent fasting for its many benefits. At our Beverly Hills office, we offer ProLon®, a fasting-mimicking diet to help you burn fat in a quick and easy 5-day program.

What is the ProLon Diet?

The goal of fasting is to keep your calorie intake either minimal or at zero for certain periods of time. This causes the body to burn up existing fat as well as bring its insulin levels down in a process called autophagy. ProLon is a fasting program that still allows you to eat certain foods that are specially developed to avoid triggering your body out of the autophagy stage. ProLon includes a five-day supply of specific foods and drinks to help reduce hunger pangs and ensure you can stick to your weight loss plan.

Is the ProLon Diet Right for Me?

The ProLon diet is an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce abdominal fat and still retain lean body mass. However, a fasting diet may not be best for everyone. That’s why it’s important to talk with Dr. Sabour about any medical conditions or medications that might affect your health when paired with extended fasting. He can also ensure that a fasting diet will be safe and effective for you.

How Does the ProLon Diet Work?

The ProLon diet is eaten for 5 consecutive days with a one-day transition period where you resume your normal healthy diet. Each food item is portioned for ideal intake and includes instructions for use. It’s important to eat each indicated food and drink on the specific day with no carryover. Although you can expect some hunger throughout the process, this usually subsides as your body shifts into a fasted state. At this point, many patients experience greater energy levels and clarity, along with many other health benefits. Dr. Sabour will ensure you understand your specific weight loss plan and can guide you through the process.

Your ProLon Diet Results

This weight loss option can be used as often as needed with the help of Dr. Sabour. Your inpidual weight loss results will depend on factors like your starting weight, metabolism, and body measurements. However, most patients see significant weight loss when properly following the ProLon diet. When paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can expect excellent results for the long term.

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Fasting diets can be one of the few effective ways to lose weight with significant results. To learn more about the benefits, contact our Beverly Hills office by calling or filling out our online form. You can also shop our online store for the best products.

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