Emage Image Pro 3d Skin Analysis in Los Angeles, CA


With skin, it can be hard to tell if there are problems. The surface may look clean and clear to the normal eye but there can be a lot of problems. By getting a skin analysis done, we can help to see what problems may be hiding and come up with a treatment plan for them. At Resplendence Med Spa, we offer the Image Pro 3D from Emage to analyze the skin.

What is Emage?

The Image Pro system is a skin imaging device that can quickly analyze skin health. It combines photography and skin analysis to be one of the most effective machines in the aesthetic market. This camera can reveal skin damage that is not able to be seen with the naked eye. This helps to make consulting with us effective as we can customize a skin treatment for you based on the damaged analyzed with the Image Pro. 

How Does Emage Work?

Image pro’s imaging is multi-faceted. It is able to take multiple pictures of the face and layers of the skin simultaneously. It can capture the face in microscopic detail. This helps to see what damage may be lying underneath the surface. Then your specialist here at Resplendence Med Spa can look at the report to create a treatment plan for you.

What Can Emage Treat?

The Image Pro 3D system can analyze the skin and measure various properties of the skin, such as:

At Resplendence, we offer this Imaging system to analyze the skin of our patients and make consultations more effective.

What Can I Expect From Emage?

This Image Pro is a safe, effective imaging system. You can get a good look at your skin and the underlying layers to learn more about any damage that maybe there. Talk with a Resplendence specialist today to get this analysis done.

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Skincare starts at the deepest levels of the skin. It can be hard to know how to treat the underlying layers if you do not know what damage there is. That’s why a skin analysis is a great method of care because it shows you your skin at a microscopic level. If you would like to get your skin analyzed and get treatment started then contact our team at Resplendence Med Spa for a consultation. Call or fill out our online form today!

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