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Body contouring procedures have always been popular treatments. However, they generally involve lengthy, complex surgeries that can leave scars. Now with advancements in technology and techniques, body contouring can be done easily without the need for incisions. The Cryo T-Shock system helps to tighten and tone the body for an overall slimmer look.

What is Cryo T-Shock?

The Cryo T-Shock is a revolutionary system that offers cryogenic and thermal energy to get rid of fat cells in the treatment area. This method allows for body contouring without the need for any incisions. It is an innovative and versatile device that aids in fat reduction and the reduction of cellulite as well. During each session with the Cryo T-Shock, fat cells will be destroyed, and collagen production will be increased. This leads to slim contours and tightened skin for an overall contoured look. The Cryo T-Shock is a safe, effective modality of body contouring and anti-aging.

How Does Cryo T-Shock Work?

Cryo T-Shock uses state-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy to help reshape the body. During the treatment sessions, it will begin with heat energy on the treatment area, then the session will have a prolonged period of cold energy before finishing with heat once again. The purpose of this treatment is to cause a thermal shock to the fat cells where they will breakdown and die while also increasing collagen production. The dead fat cells are naturally passed through the body’s own systems so they will not come back to the treatment area. This is beneficial for long-term results.

What Can Cryo T-Shock Treat?

The Cryo T-Shock can treat many parts of the body to help reduce fat, cellulite, and create slimmer body contours. It is often used on the stomach, waist, arms, glutes, chin, thighs, legs, face, and back. There are many different goals that this treatment can achieve, such as:

  • Body Slimming
  • Tightening Skin
  • Reducing Cellulite
  • Reducing Fat
  • Stimulating Collagen and Elastin
  • Improving Blood Circulation

At Resplendence MedSpa, we can help you to get the contours of your dreams with the Cryo T-Shock device. During your consultation with one of our specialists, we will plan out your custom treatment to achieve your goals.

Treatment Summary

For the treatment, patients will lie down while the system is placed on the treatment area. During the session, this system will switch between heat and cold energy to cause a thermal shock to the cells. This aids in reducing fat, tightening skin, and reducing cellulite. Each treatment session takes about 30 minutes in total. Depending on the goals of each session, patients may need 3-5 sessions to reach their desired look.

What Can I Expect From Cryo T-Shock?

Patients will notice some results from their first treatment session after a week, with continued improvement over the course of the next few weeks. Most patients need 3-5 sessions to reach their goals. This treatment is completely painless and there is no downtime associated with it.

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If you are looking for a body contouring treatment that also aids in anti-aging and has no incisions, the Cryo T-Shock could be the solution for you. To learn more about this system and if it could benefit you, contact our team at Resplendence MedSpa today to schedule a consultation by calling or our filling out our online form.

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