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      Aging Skin Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

      Aging Skin Treatment Los Angeles

      Everyone ages, but different factors can affect how visible the signs are. When you look older than you feel, it can be difficult to feel confident in yourself. That’s why we offer a wide selection of non-surgical options so you can achieve your goals and feel like your best self.

      What Causes Aging?

      The more we study and learn about aging, the more we learn about the underlying mechanisms that cause it. At its most basic, aging is the process of slowed cellular function as time goes on. When it comes to cosmetic concerns, this means that your skin becomes less effective at replacing dead and damaged cells. Your body also slows its collagen growth, so your skin loses the support it needs. The result of these is reduced volume, allowing the skin to fold and wrinkle.

      What are My Options for Aging Skin?

      We offer a wide selection of non-surgical treatment options to address signs of aging with a customized treatment plan. Read more about our options:

      Non-Surgical Facelift

      The non-surgical facelift is a comprehensive option that often includes options like injectables, skincare treatments, and effective options like PRP and RF microneedling.


      This ultrasound treatment option can help tighten and lift skin that sags due to signs of aging. With no downtime, many patients find excellent results in areas like the brow and neck.

      Skincare Products

      We offer a selection of the best in physician-grade products to boost your at-home care and maintain your results from our best treatment options. Our skincare experts can recommend the right products for you to fight signs of aging and volume loss.

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